i am filthy: a non-binary multimedia artist working and living in portland, oregon.

i lavish in long hair, bright colors and patterns, sparkles, and make up, but am a femme boy on the inside. call me he/she/or they, i feel them all, but sometimes none.

all my projects are made of dreams and star fragments and pieces of fuckery from the world we think we know but will truly never hold.

artist statement

Growing up a dirty child in a wild world, I often felt out of place without understanding why. As technology and the age of information move to the forefront, it has become apparent that this displacement is common for others, a symptom of a culture crafted out of unattainable dreams, presented through mass media culture. For these reasons, my work revolves heavily around themes of identity, technology, and vulnerability.

Working with photography, videography, installation, and sculpture, I leverage nostalgia and humor to create commentary on the absurdities of social standards and embrace playfulness by experimenting with varying gender expressions and utilizing saturated color.